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Comprehensive Roofing Services in South St. Paul, MN

Family-owned and operated since 1962, Viking Exteriors is proud to provide the most advanced and affordable roofing services throughout South St. Paul, MN. Though our company might be half a century old, that doesn’t mean we didn’t grow with the times. We have kept up with the ever-changing trends in the roofing industry to ensure we consistently deliver the most current and up-to-date solutions for local homeowners.


Throughout the decades, we have remained committed to providing the highest standard of quality and customer service to our residential clients. This has helped us cement our legacy as the go-to choice when locals require anything from roofing repairs to replacements. Contact us to learn how we can provide any roofing services you may need.

Roofing Replacements & Repairs from Our Skilled Contractor

Your roof acts as your first line of defense against weather. That means it is essential to preserve its functionality and performance so that you can remain comfortable. If your roof has become damaged or worn in any way, our skilled roofing contractor is ready to schedule an appointment with you to remedy the situation.

Using only the best roofing materials, our team is able to provide roof replacements or repairs with the quality you deserve at a competitive price. We also guide you through all of the necessary paperwork and insurance claims forms to ensure that if your roof was damaged in a storm, you are able to receive the coverage to which you are entitled.

Everyone deserves to have a safe roof over their heads. Our team wants to make sure the one over yours is built to last.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.




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Call or email us today at 651-256-1061 for your free, no obligation estimate.

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