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Frequently Asked Questions


As a homeowner today, you probably would like to save time and money. It's rare that remodeling opportunities come along that can save you both. Exterior home improvements offer you one of these rare opportunities! We are the best Siding Contractor in St Paul and the surrounding areas.


Siding Contractor in St Paul and Surrounding Areas

Why should I put new siding on my house?
It will save you time and money because you won't need to paint your house again. New insulated sidings, foam core underlayments and the wind and water infiltration barriers save you both heating and cooling cost. This will stop many air leaks in your walls at the same time adding beauty to your home. Contact our Siding Contractor in St Paul today.

Window Replacement in St Paul and Surrounding Areas

Why should I put new windows on my house?

Expensive maintenance, heating, and cooling costs can be a drag, and old worn out windows can be a huge factor. The windows today have better materials, engineering, and design making them much more energy efficient, longer lasting, and stylish. The easy tilt windowsash, makes cleaning a breeze. Your new windows and doors will retain their pristine appearance and a weather tight barrier for a life time. You may also qualify for a federal energy tax credit. We provide reliable Window Replacement in St Paul.

When and why would I need a Lead-Safe Certified Contractor?

As of April 22,2010, firms working in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities must be certified and use lead-safe work practices during renovations. Because lead closely resembles that of nutrients your body needs to grow and stay healthy, so during your childs growth years lead can be very dangerous. So it is crucial you hire a Lead Certified Contractor to keep your family safe. Viking Exteriors has been involved in Lead Reduction work since 1998. We are a lead certified firm LC# LF 540 and also an EPA Lead-safe certified firm (NAT-31179-1).​ South St. Paul Lead-Safe Reduction Experts.


What if I get a much lower price from another contractor?

If a contractor is offering less for you project, true, that can be very enticing. But sometimes that can be a warning sign as to the quality of craftsmanship being offered or the inferior products being used. We suggest you research your roof repair contractor through resources such as the Better Business Bureau for the companies standing or the MN Department of Commerce to make sure your contractor is licensed currently with the state. A contractor that doesn’t install properly or with quality products can end up costing you, thousands of dollars more in repairs.


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