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Gutter Cleaning & Installation in South St. Paul, MN

Protect your home from water damage with reliable, well-maintained gutters from Viking Exteriors. Whether you need to install a new system, repair an existing one, or schedule gutter cleaning in South St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding area, our crew has you covered. Contact us to request a free, no-obligation estimate for our gutter solutions. We also provide roof repair and a wide range of other services for your home’s exterior.


Why Clean Gutters are a Must

Gutters and downspouts divert water runoff from your roofing and disperse them away from your property in safe areas. When you don’t have gutters—or your gutters are blocked or broken—the rainwater instead pours directly off your roof, risking damage to your siding, foundation, landscape, and more. That’s why it’s important to not only have gutters but to keep them in good condition with routine maintenance.

How often you should schedule gutter cleaning depends on how quickly your gutters fill with leaves and other debris. If you have large trees nearby, you likely should get your gutters cleaned multiple times per year. However, if you have leaf protection in place, you can go longer between maintenance. Learn more by talking to our home exterior experts today.

Get a Custom System for Your Home

Hire us to install gutters that protect your home from water runoff and provide a low-impact aesthetic. Our gutter systems are completely customizable to suit your property’s needs, allowing you to get the right functionality while choosing the color and style you like. Be sure to consider adding leaf protection to your system to reduce the need for gutter cleaning; they are especially important for multi-story homes.

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Call or email us today at 651-256-1061 for your free, no obligation estimate.

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